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rootwatsocks is a brand based in Gifu Prefecture.

The parent company is Toyo Seni Co., Ltd., which has been in business for over 80 years. We are one of the few manufacturers specializing in socks that can consistently produce socks at our factory, which is very rare in Japan. We have the top-class technology and know-how for making socks in Japan, such as a large number of well-known big outdoor brand socks that are actually made of Toyo Seni.

Rootwatsocks, which such a manufacturer resigned and started as its own brand.

The major feature is the craftsmanship that incorporates traditional Japanese high-performance materials such as Mino Washi and Bishu wool into socks.

For example, Mino Washi.

In fact, Japanese paper thread, which is made from Japanese paper with quick-drying and porous properties, absorbs odors like Binchotan charcoal and has a natural deodorizing effect, so it is difficult to generate unpleasant odors. In addition, as you can see from the fact that it has been used for fusuma and shoji in Japanese houses for a long time, it has excellent breathability, moisture absorption, and heat retention.

It's the perfect material for socks.

And using washi thread that fully demonstrates the original strength of highly durable Mino washi paper, the socks are made with loop knitting that does not get loose even if they get wet, creating a hollow layer between the foot and the shoe. It reduces the feeling of wetness.

I have actually tested it many times during fishing and training in Hokkaido etc., but this lack of wetness is noteworthy.

Combined with the structure in which each part of the sock is knitted into multiple parts, it comfortably supports long-term activities.

Rootwatsocks was originally born in the field of fishing, but it should be a good companion not only for fishing but also for various activities that require exercise such as trail running.

This brand seems to be perfect for Ametsuchi, who wants to convey Japanese manufacturing through outdoor activities.
Japanese craftsmanship with Japanese materials made in the clear stream of Gifu, the Nakasu of the Nagara River. Please come and experience it.

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