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​from JAPAN


BIGFOREST is a private outdoor brand of "Omori Casting Co., Ltd." which has been in business for over 50 years in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, next to Nikko City.
The company also handles craftsmanship and brass casting, which is becoming more valuable nowadays. In fact, Ametsuchi's secretly popular product, the bear bell "Kuma ni Kanbo" is also a product of this company.

The grill plates and bear bells made with great care in the factory in the mountains are all products that you will want to use carefully and carve various memories.
They also make simple but very interesting products, and I was particularly impressed by the grill and candle set “Potari”.

The idea of using the oil from grilling meat as fuel to light a candle is healthy and ecological.

BIG FOREST's products are heavy and heavy, so the big trend of ultra light may be a different value, but it is packed with wonderful Japanese technology and handicrafts. It teaches us the joy of carving out memories together in nature by using the tools with care.


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