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​from JAPAN


YAMAtune was originally founded in 1963 by Yamatsune, a knitwear manufacturing company in Nagoya.
At that time, in addition to fashion knitwear and socks, he also produced work gloves and socks in Japan, which was undergoing rapid economic growth, and incorporated the stern opinions of professional users.
After accumulating know-how, in 2014, he opened YAMAtune in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, one of Japan's leading outdoor fields.

Our first encounter with YAMAtune was in winter in Hokkaido, at an event venue that we were visiting during our business trip.
At the venue, I heard various stories from YAMAtune, and learned that such a wonderful brand exists in Hokkaido.

After that, pick it up at an outdoor shop in Niseko and go straight to the slopes. I immediately fell in love with its great quality.
And my wish came true, and I will be handling it from this winter.

The appeal of YAMAtune is its reliable quality, excellent performance, and extremely high cost performance despite being made in Japan. Socks are warm, non-slip and sturdy.
In addition, all of the products have warm colors and patterns that make them ideal gifts.

To enjoy the cold winter, please pick up YAMAtune, which was forged in Hokkaido!

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