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SHAKU HUNTER is a mecca for mountain stream fishing in Japan, a fly fishing brand in the Tohoku region and Miyagi Prefecture.

My first encounter with the brand came from a fun-looking and photogenic fishing photo that popped up on Instagram.
At first sight, I fell in love with the logo, which has a cute bear drawing a beautiful loop, and immediately followed it.

I've been fly fishing since my childhood, but I'm not good at the overly maniac world view of fly fishing, which tends to be complicated and subdivided. As a result, I didn't show much interest in the fly fishing scene, and for more than 20 years, I've been fishing mostly by myself with only tools and simple systems that I think are cool.

Under such circumstances, SHAKU HUNTER, who looks cool and enjoys fishing, said, "I can't believe there are young people in Japan who are so happy and cool! I want to be friends!" It was an impact that made me think.

Just when I was thinking that I would like to talk to you someday, a sudden connection came. long-awaitedWe will handle it. Thank you very much to all of you who have been able to connect with me.

The greatness of SHAKU HUNTER is the balance of serious gimmicks and omissions as a gear, and an outstanding sense of design.

For example, a T-shirt designed by combining the name of a very famous grunge band with fishing. A CPO jacket with a buffalo check reminiscent of Filson's masterpiece Mackino Cruiser plus a gimmick specialized for fishing.

Such products cannot be made without a deep knowledge of fly fishing and knowledge of cultures other than fishing.

I feel that it is a brand that can only be made by adults who have played seriously.

Makes me want to go fishing with my friends. Be happy in town or on the go.

Such SHAKUHUNTER products,In Tochigi, only Ametsuchi is available.

Please take it in your hand.



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