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The Tarahumara tribe of Mexico's Copper Canyon.
They are known as the "runners," who run tens of kilometers, sometimes more than 100 miles, through canyons in sandals that are simply cut out of tire rubber and attached with leather straps. (For details, please see the masterpiece "BORN TO RUN".)


The company, which has its roots in the Tarahumara tribe, the legendary "running people" known worldwide, is now known as Luna sandals when it comes to running sandals.

Why bother walking and running in sandals?
The reason is that it evokes the "right way of running" inherent in humans.
Unlike general running shoes and trail running shoes, the sole is thin, so it directly stimulates the soles of the feet, and if you land poorly, it will appear as muscle pain and pain.

This "pain" = "sign". Also, if you land on your heel, it is also an important "sign" to make a sound.

This sound and pain stimulate the brain as a sign, and then the brain automatically moves the body to avoid pain.
This is why Luna sandals are called "sandals that teach you how to run".

Luna sandals are close to bare feet and evoke the original way of running.

I would like everyone to take on the challenge so that they can continue to move vigorously for a long time to come.

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