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ALTRA is a relatively new running shoe manufacturer that was born in the United States in 2009.
However, in a running world where global brands are competing with each other, the new shoemaker has firmly established itself.

A major reason for this is that we questioned the shape of running shoes, which had been taken for granted until then, and developed shoes based on a unique concept based on chemical grounds.


ALTRA is equipped with two concepts that have been consistent since its founding.

1: Balance cushion = zero drop

Most shoes on the market today are made with a heel-to-toe sole thickness ratio of 2:1 (the heel is twice as thick as the toe).

Altra shoes are designed so that the ratio is 1:1 and the heel and toe are at the same height. This is considered to be the most natural way of walking, as it allows the lower part of the foot to touch the ground at the same angle as when running or walking barefoot.

2: Foot shape

The unique shape that does not impair the natural functions of the foot is the ALTRA identity that can be seen at a glance. By allowing the toes to spread naturally and relax, the three arches of the foot can be fully utilized. You can get the best balance and stability, and you can also increase the ability to soften the shock when landing.

We met ALTRA eight years ago. It has a unique shape that you will never forget at first glance, and once you put it on, you won't be able to wear shoes from other companies.

ALTRA shoes will teach you the correct posture, how to run, and the joy of running so that you can continue running as a lifelong sport.

​ALTRA official website is here

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