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lure fishing

​guided tour

(For inexperienced and beginners)

Lure fishing is a type of fishing that uses artificial baits (lures) that imitate small fish and insects to stimulate the appetite and fighting instincts of fish.

​Lure fishing is said to have originated when a fish accidentally dropped a spoon while eating in the lake. A glittering spoon may have looked like a small fish.

Compared to fly fishing, lure fishing uses simpler tools and is easier to handle, so even beginners and children can start fishing right away.

Please enjoy lure fishing in Oku-Nikko, a mecca for trout fishing, where you have a good chance of catching big fish.

​Schedule example

8:00 AM



​ When you meet up at the designated meeting place, we will accept you. At the same time, we will hand over rental items (meeting time, etc. can be changed according to your request, such as the transportation you use)



fishing lecture


Technical lectures on lure fishing and lectures on manners in fishing.



actual fishing


After the lecture, let's finally go out to the field and start fishing. One-on-one support such as fishing methods and points where fish are found. With a lunch break on the way, we will guide you through a reasonable process. Enjoy fishing in the beautiful nature of Nikko!



End of actual fishing


Return to the meeting place and be dissolved.We will also introduce hot springs and spots according to your request, so please do not hesitate to contact us.​Take care on your way home and come visit Nikko again!


​ Lure fishing rules and manners

1. Never throw away garbage. Take home everything else you brought with you.

2. Fishing may pose dangers to the surroundings, such as swinging the rod or attaching a hook.
Make sure there are no people around you when fishing.
3.  In Oku-Nikko, catch and release is the main rule except for some species and places.
Please give due consideration to the release so as not to damage the fish as much as possible.

​4. In principle, the person who reaches the point first has priority.So that we can spend time together comfortably,

Keep your distance.

5. Let's use facilities such as toilets and benches cleanly.

​6. Always be humble and grateful to nature.

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