The TIMP2 is a trail shoe that has a high level of cushioning and resilience while maintaining a sense of stability by adopting Altora's unique midsole "Quantic™️".
Its extravagant cushioning performance makes it even more effective on long roads such as UTMF where there are many roads and roads, and on hard surface courses such as bedrock. In addition, not only serious runners, but also beginners can enjoy the fun of trail running.

The lugs (grooves engraved on the sole) have also been made shallower than the predecessor, improving the smooth movement of the center of gravity in the forward direction.

ALTRA TIMP2 (Women's)

    • カラー:ブラック
    • アルトラ独自のミッドソール「Quantic™️」を採用
    • STONEGUARDにより地面からの突き上げを軽減
    • TRAILCRAWSを採用し、悪路でも強いグリップ力を保持
    • GATERTRAPを採用し、専用のゲイターを装着可
    • 表示価格は税抜価格です。
    • 送料無料



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