The most popular model in the drymax trail running category.
Quick-drying, durability, cushioning, cost performance...I think this is enough for socks in trail running.

It is also attractive that you can fold the ankle and adjust the length.
When running in long pants or when coordinating high socks that are booming these days, leave them as they are, and turn them back during the hot summer months to suit your taste. There are many people who like the American flag colors and the American flag design on the ankles.

This model is a collaboration model with an organization called the Band of Runners, where every $1 spent on a product is donated to the American Veterans and their families community.

drymax Lite Trail 1/4 Crew Band of Runners

    • 足部から発生する湿気を外に押し出す2層構造を採用。靴の中を長時間ドライに保ち摩擦による「マメ」の発生を予防してくれます。
    • SMLの3サイズ展開
    • 表示価格は税抜価格です



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