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In ALTRA road shoes, TORIN, which has become the best seller in America, has been updated to PLUSH (luxury).

Speaking of luxury, the lightweight knit upper makes it difficult to retain water. Both the comfortable knit footing and a secure hold are combined.
In addition, the outsole is fully rubberized and has high durability, and it firmly catches even on wet roads, so you can maintain speed without slipping your feet.

The midsole uses the original "Quantic™️" of Altora. It has a high cushioning property and repulsive force.

With all of these features, the shoe is flexible and can run anywhere.

Exactly all are plush shoes.


¥18,700 Regular Price
¥13,090Sale Price
    • カラー:ダークグレー
    • アルトラ独自のミッドソール「Quantic™️」を採用
    • 重さ:209g(24.5cm実測)
    • 表示価格は税込価格です。
    • 送料無料