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​Terms of Use

Ametsuchi (hereinafter referred to as "our company") establishes the following terms and conditions for the services of Ametsuchi (hereinafter referred to as "this service").


Article 1 (Scope of application and revision of these Terms)

These Terms shall apply to the Company and the Customer (as defined in Article 3; the same shall apply hereinafter) regarding the provision and use of the Service.

The Company reserves the right to revise these Terms as necessary at its discretion, and the revision shall become effective for the Customer on the date of revision of the Terms. However, if the Company determines that it is necessary to notify the customer due to the revision of the Terms, such as the customer being disadvantaged, the revision of the Terms and the content after the revision will be made prior to the revision date of the Terms. and its effective date will be notified on the website of this service or by e-mail. If the Customer uses the Service after the effective date of the revised Terms, the Customer shall be deemed to have given valid and irrevocable consent to the revised Terms.

Article 2 (Use of this service)

Customers shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms and the usage guide separately established by the Company.

If you are a minor, please obtain the consent of your parent or other legal representative (hereinafter referred to as "guardian") before using this service.

If a minor customer pretends to have consent without parental consent, uses this service by misrepresenting his/her age as an adult, or otherwise makes the customer believe that the customer is a person of legal capacity. If you use fraudulent means, you cannot cancel any legal acts related to this service. In addition, if a customer who was a minor at the time of consenting to this agreement uses this service after reaching the age of majority, the customer is deemed to have confirmed all legal acts related to this service.

The Company may change the content of the Service without prior notice to the Customer.

Article 3 (Customers)

"Customer" means a person who has read, purchased, or otherwise used the Service after agreeing to the Terms.


Article 4 (Suspension of Service Provision)

If the customer falls under any of the following items, the Company may suspend the provision of the Service without prior notice to the customer.

When there is a delay in fulfillment of payment obligations such as fees related to this service or other defaults

If you have committed an act that falls under the "prohibited acts" stipulated in Article 6

If you are affiliated with an organized crime group, commit crimes or fraud, or are equivalent to these (hereinafter collectively referred to as "anti-social forces"), or if it is found that you have a relationship with anti-social forces .

In the event of any other violation of these Terms or other terms established by the Company

Article 6 (Prohibitions)

Customers shall not engage in any of the following acts.

Acts that interfere with the operation of this service, or other acts that may interfere with this service

Acts of using this service by illegally using credit cards or other payment methods

Acts of illegally using e-mail addresses and passwords

Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to other customers, third parties or our group, or acts that may cause them

Acts that infringe the trademark rights, copyrights, privacy and other rights of other customers, third parties or our group, or acts that may infringe

Acts contrary to public order and morals and other acts that violate laws and regulations, or acts that are likely to do so

Acts that damage the credibility and reputation of the Group

Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Violation of the preceding paragraph is not limited to mere violation of these Terms, but also violates criminal law, unauthorized access prohibition law, trademark law, copyright law, and other laws and regulations, and may be held criminally responsible and civilly liable for damages. The customer shall acknowledge in advance.

Article 7 (Copyright)

The customer may not use any information provided through this service without the permission of the right holder, beyond the scope not restricted by copyright law, such as personal reproduction of the customer permitted by copyright law. cannot be

If a problem arises between the right holder or a third party in violation of the provisions of this article, the customer shall resolve the problem at their own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company. increase.

Article 8 (Use of Customer Information)

The use of customer information collected by the Company in connection with this service shall be subject to the "Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)" separately established by the Company Group. I agree to the use of customer information.


Article 9 (Purchase of goods)

Customers can purchase products using this service.

If a customer wishes to purchase a product, the customer shall apply for the purchase of the product in accordance with the method specified by the Company.

In response to the application in the preceding paragraph, a sales contract regarding the product shall be concluded between the customer and the Company at the time when the Company sends an e-mail to the customer to the effect that the Company has accepted the application.

When purchasing products with a credit card, the customer shall use a credit card in the name of the customer.

Regarding the cancellation of the application in paragraph 2, it shall be as stipulated in the separately stipulated usage guide.

Article 10 (Cancellation of sales contract)

In the event of one of the following items, the Company may cancel the sales contract established with the customer or take other appropriate measures.

If you violate these Terms

When it becomes clear that the customer's ability to pay has been compromised

If the product is out of stock and cannot be easily delivered

If delivery is not possible due to unknown destination or long absence

In the event of fraudulent or inappropriate behavior in connection with the use of the Service;

Article 11 (Payment)

The amount to be paid for the purchase of the product will be the total amount of the purchase price, consumption tax, etc. and shipping fee.

In the case of payment by cash on delivery, a separate fee is required.

Some payment methods may not be available for payment for products purchased through this service, depending on the content of the product and the customer's age.

In the case of payment by means of payment such as a credit card, the customer shall comply with the conditions separately contracted with the payment service provider such as the credit card company. In addition, if a dispute arises between the customer and the payment service provider such as the credit card company, it shall be resolved by both parties, and the Company shall bear no responsibility.

Article 12 (Return of goods, etc.)

Products may be returned only within the period specified by the Company. However, limited items, reserved items, sale items, and other items designated by the Company as non-returnable may not be returned. In addition, the return of goods, exchange of defective goods, or cancellation of the contract in the event that exchange is not possible is possible only if the customer returns the goods within the period specified separately by the Company after the customer receives the goods.

The customer shall return the product in accordance with the method specified separately by the Company.

Article 13 (Information Management)

The Company may, at its discretion, delete any comments or other information sent by customers, such as product reviews after purchase, without notice to the customer if any of the following items apply. shall be


When it is recognized that the information in question clearly infringes the copyrights or other rights of the Company or a third party, or defames the honor or credibility of the Company or a third party.

If the Company receives a warning from a third party that said information infringes the third party's copyright or other rights, or damages the third party's reputation or credibility.

If it is found to violate the laws and regulations of Japan or applicable foreign countries

When an order to delete is received from a government office or public institution based on legal grounds

Other cases deemed inappropriate for the operation of this service

Article 14 (Suspension of Service)

In order to keep the Service in good operating condition, the Company may suspend all or part of the Service without prior notice to the customer if any of the following items apply: We assume that we can.

When necessary for regular and emergency maintenance of the system

System operation is difficult due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, wind and flood damage, floods, tsunamis, and lightning strikes, fires, epidemics of infectious diseases, wars, civil strife, acts of terrorism, power outages, system/communication failures, sabotage by third parties, etc. if it becomes

In addition, when the Company determines that it is unavoidable to stop the system.

If the Company deems it necessary, the Company may, at its own discretion, refuse access to all or part of the website of the Service without any notice.

Article 15 (Other disclaimers)

Regarding the delivery of products, the Company shall fulfill its obligation by delivering the products to the delivery address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase.

Regardless of the cause of legal claim, in any case, the Company shall not be liable for damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. related to the use of this service by the customer and the products purchased by the customer in this service. In accordance with the provisions of the article, we shall not be responsible except when we accept returned goods. However, our liability for damages caused by our intentional or gross negligence shall be as stipulated by laws and regulations.

If a customer causes damage to another customer or a third party through the use of this service, the customer shall resolve the matter at his/her own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any trouble to the Company. shall not be given.

Article 16 (Others)

In principle, the method of contact between the Company and the customer shall be by e-mail and telephone.

If a problem that cannot be resolved by this agreement arises regarding the use of this service, the company and the customer shall discuss in good faith and resolve it.

that's all


July 15, 2020


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