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Guided tour

A leisurely walk in nature is a journey to encounter various charms. The sound of the river, the smell of grass, the cool air, and the magnificent scenery that spreads before your eyes. Take a step into nature to sharpen your five senses.

From tours that condense the charm of short courses to long trail tours where you can fully enjoy the magnificent nature, we will hold according to your request.


Example schedule

​ *This is just an example of the day of the tour. Please for your reference.


​aggregation, description, etc.

It will be a gathering at the place specified from here in advance.

​If you have any questions about transportation, please contact us.

​We will also explain the itinerary and precautions for the day.

​Let's go after we've prepared!


10:20 AM


​ start

Finally on tourDeparture.

Enjoy the scenery, observe nature,

​Enjoy the great outdoors

Let's go!



Depending on the physical strength of the participants,I will take breaks as appropriate. If you want to take a break yourself,

If you have a view like ​ or a place you want to stop by, please feel free to contact us.


14:30 PM


​goal after

Clear today's process! good job for today!

The goal location is basically the same as the starting location.

Make sure there are no injuries or lost items.

​ Also, after trekking, go to the hot springs, eat delicious food, and enjoy the after-work Nikko!

  • お客様の行きたい山や場所、時間、体力などに合わせてカスタマイズするフルオーダーツアーです。 一緒に日光で最高の山旅を作りましょう!

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    1名様 20000円〜(税込)団体割あり
  • 午前中の時間だけのトレッキングツアーです。気軽に日光の自然を楽しみたい、午後は観光も満喫したい、という方にお勧めのツアーです。

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    1名様 17000円(税込) 団体割あり
Misty Slopes

​Trekking rules and manners


1. Never throw away garbage. Take home everything else you brought with you.

2. Do not go off the trail. Let's run on the determined road without disturbing the plants.

​3. If you meet other activists, give way and place to each other and share nature with everyone.

・Be sure to say hello.

・Always stop in narrow or dangerous places.

​ ・Call out when overtaking or passing each other. Make sure both of you are safe and comfortable.

4. Let's use facilities such as toilets and mountain huts cleanly.

​5. Always be humble and grateful to nature.

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