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​We are Ametsuchi

Talking with the mountain, thinking about flow

Listen to the wind, play with the clouds

beautiful heart test

With Ametsuchi

       "Together with Ametsuchi"

​                    Junzo Karaki


​Ametsuchi means "heaven and earth" in kanji.

A word that means heaven and earth, and the world that exists between them.
We would like to create a better future by creating contact points between nature and people through the outdoors, centering on Nikko National Park, Japan's oldest national park.
for the people, for the nature, in the local.

We hope that the outdoors will make your daily life healthier and richer, that precious nature will be protected, and that the region will be healthy and prosperous.


Akihiro Hoshino

Akihiro Hoshino

He spent his childhood in the mountains of Nikko and learned to play in nature.
After graduating from university, I got a job at a major outdoor manufacturer.
After that, he made a U-turn to Nikko City and became involved in outdoor education for children as a leader.

Joined Nikko City Hall in 2009. In charge of tourism promotion and inbound work in Nikko City for about 10 years. Along the way, he also experienced being seconded to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tourism Agency.
Reconfirm the natural charm of Nikko and the possibilities of outdoor sports in both work and private life.

In 2020, he founded Ametsuchi with his wife, Yukari Hoshino, hoping that nature and people would be enriched through outdoor sports.

28 years of fly fishing experience

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Yukari Hoshino

Yukari Hoshino

trail runner/sky runner

Based in the mountains of Nikko, he is an active runner who participates in domestic and international competitions while enjoying running in nature every day. Utilizing his experience as a physical trainer, he also provides training guidance.

2016, 2018 Skyrunning World Championship Japan representative

Nantaisan 24 hours consecutive ascent record 8 round trips

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