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Snow Shoeing

​Guided tour

Trail running is a sport that runs on unpaved trails such as mountains. Running in nature has all the five senses sharpened and you can feel a refreshing feeling different from walking. In addition, trail running takes you to places that you cannot reach by walking in a limited amount of time.

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Misty Slopes

Rules and manners in the mountains


1. Never throw away garbage. Take home everything else you brought with you.

2. As a general rule, it is prohibited to bring animals and plants into the national park.

​3. When you meet other activists, pass them safely and politely.

・Be sure to say hello.

・Always stop in narrow or dangerous places.

​ ・Slowly when overtaking or passing.

4. Let's use facilities such as toilets and mountain huts cleanly.

​5. Always be humble and grateful to nature.


In the mountains, we share nature with various people, such as those who enjoy activities such as climbers, those who work in forestry or mountain trail maintenance, and those who live there. I have to.

And it is important to be considerate of the nature that welcomes us.

​In order to keep everyone comfortable and to protect the beauty of nature, please observe the following when engaging in activities in nature.






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