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​from JAPAN


milestone is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in headlights.
The parent company is a company in downtown Osaka called Fuji Toki.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of our company's founding, and we are proud to say that we have continued to light up Japan by continuing to make lanterns and lights. (It is said that the headlight alone has been made for nearly 50 years!)
For anglers, myself included, it is quite well known as a manufacturer of electric floats and ZEXUS headlights.
Milestone was born in 2014 from a company that could be called a pioneer of such lights.

The opportunity for us to actually touch the milestone was last year's UTMB. Although I knew about it from the beginning, I always thought it was an overseas manufacturer because of the atmosphere of the brand. However, when I met Mr. Nishioka, a Japanese staff member standing at the milestone booth in UTMB, and heard his story, I was drawn in at once, including the brand story.

I also consulted with my friends who love milestone, and after returning to Japan, I immediately purchased a headlight called Trailmaster and tried using it.

In short, I feel very safe. This is very important as a gear related to life in a sense called a headlight.
For example, when you connect the battery, you can instantly see if it is powered by a flash of light, or you can instantly adjust the size with a reel-like winding mechanism. It goes without saying that the color of the light is warm and gentle on the eyes, and the performance of the light is solid and bright.

We also sell caps and hats with unique designs that are designed to be used with headlights, which are also excellent and very popular. We also like the range of adaptation to head sizes and the ease of use.

By the way, a milestone is a signpost. True to the brand slogan "LIGHTNING YOUR WAY", it will continue to brightly light the road in front of you.

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