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The factory brand “Yetina” has been developed since 2015 by Wasio Co., Ltd., a knit manufacturer in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, which produced mountain climbing socks that were loved by legendary adventurer Naomi Uemura.
This is one of the brands that I definitely wanted to handle at Ametsuchi.

I met yetina in a photo I saw on SNS a few years ago.
I was fascinated by the photos of people wearing warm sweatshirts under waders and enjoying fly fishing and snow surfing trips. I didn't really have the concept of fishing in a sweatshirt, so the style and the happy atmosphere conveyed by the photos are wonderful, and I've always been curious about them. The photo was taken by Flys_undifited, who is also a tester for yetina.

Winter in Nikko is cold, and fighting the cold is a big problem in fishing in winter management fishing spots and Lake Chuzenji, which has just been lifted.
It's not a cheap sweatshirt, but when I took the plunge and bought it, I was completely captivated by its soft touch, warmth and durability, and the story behind the item. The impact is enough to make you want to handle it when you start a store someday.

The machine that produces yetina is a circular knitting machine invented over 40 years ago. Based on the old-fashioned knitting machine, it is knitted with the only machine in the world that has undergone various modifications to achieve special brushing.
Because it is an old machine, the craftsmen always pay attention to its maintenance, and since there are no repair parts, they continue to operate it by making it themselves in the factory... And the amount of fabric that can be knitted in one day is only 8!
However, this is an amazing technology that can create an additional layer of air that is different from conventional brushed technology.

The thread is specially prepared for yetina. This is the best formulation and twist for brushing. These threads are used to create a unique weave that is ideal for brushing.   There are various methods of raising, but YETINA's special raising technology ensures even heat retention.

Yetina's products are definitely worth the price.

The ultimate warmth created by Japanese technology and handwork. I would like you to take it in your hand and experience the feeling.

You will immediately notice the difference.

During the winter, it will be a companion that you will keep wearing.

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