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​Measures against new coronavirus infection

Regarding measures against new coronavirus infection, we are taking the following measures.

・The tour will be limited to one group at a time, and we will not carry out activities with an unspecified number of people.

​・Alcohol disinfectant is available, so please disinfect your hands before the activity. In addition, rental items and writing instruments are disinfected with alcohol.

・Because activities such as trail running are outdoors and the risk of heat stroke is a big concern, the use of masks is optional. However, please wear a mask in places where there is a risk of being "close" with an unspecified number of people, such as in the car or in the bathroom.

・During the activity, all the guides and participants will keep a distance (approximately 2m) from each other.

・If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please let us know. We will refuse participation in a state where poor physical condition is recognized in advance. Regarding cancellation fees, we will make a decision based on the situation, so please be sure to contact us even if it is just before.

・​If you have been in close contact with an infected person within two weeks, we will refuse your participation. In that case, please be sure to contact us.

・In addition, we will implement infection prevention measures according to the situation.

We are very sorry for the situation, but we ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of infection so that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.


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