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​from JAPAN


Kante is designed by active female outdoor guides based in Nikko and Nasu.

Kante is a climbing term that refers to a ridge formed on a rock wall in German, but as the name suggests, the brand is known for its sharp design.
Kante seems to be a wall of memories with his favorite teacher when he was climbing.

According to the designer, the unique method of expression called “ugly painting” is indescribably addictive. However, if you look closely, there is a mysterious charm (magical power) that makes you look absurdly cute.
​The reason behind the design is the deep affection and insight for mountains, animals, and humans.

Those who understand the fine details drawn also understand. Such playfulness is scattered in the design.

We have also been in the mountains with her, but her love of nature and her machine gun talk and knowledge are second to none. It provided an unforgettable time.

Due to the extremely small number of production, the rarity that cannot be seen in the market is also a point. If you wear it while hiking with friends or camping, you will surely become the main character with a strong impact.

By the way, the brand logo is [saruogase samurai]. Saruogase is a lichen that can only live in places with clean air.


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