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​Buff®︎ (buff)


​from SPAIN


Buff® started in 1992 in Igualada, about 60 kilometers northwest of Barcelona, Spain. Buff® founder Joan Rojas, who was competing in motorcycle racing at the time, wanted to make a muffler that was easier to use, and developed a new seamless headwear for himself, which is the origin of Buff®.

This simple-shaped and flexible tool has a wide bosom that accepts each free idea.

In addition to being used purely as a neck tube or head cap, it can also be used as a balaclava, a wristband for wiping sweat, or even a first aid brace for injuries.

Buff® is loved in over 110 countries around the world.

Today, tube-shaped multi-functional neckwear is sometimes referred to as a buff, and boasts a large share in the trail running industry.

We have been using Buff® for many years, but recently we have been enjoying collecting local Buff® for competitions and local designs, which tickles the collector's heart.

Oddly enough, 2020 has become a year in which the name buff is widely known in Japan as a gear that allows you to exercise while covering your mouth with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Buff® will help you to continue your own lifestyle even in a changing life.

Buff Ambassador Yukari Hoshino
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