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​Answer Four


​from JAPAN


​In the summer of 2019, we were in Chamonix, a town at the foot of Mont Blanc in France.
The purpose is the world's largest and best trail running race "UTMB".

On that day, a Japanese man cut the finish tape of the UTMB with a historic run. First Japanese podium in 7 years, 8th place.
We, who were waiting at the finish line, were moved to tears and shared the joy. However, the person who wanted that moment more than anyone else and waited impatiently. That was Mr. Daisuke Kobayashi, the representative of "Answer4".
The name of the Japanese who made the goal was Masatoshi Obara. The clothes and rucksack he was wearing were tagged with "Answer4". Yes, it was the moment when “Answer4” made its name known to the world, along with the award of Ohara, who is a member of the team.

In 2014, when he was an office worker, Mr. Kobayashi bought a sewing machine to make the trail running backpack he wanted. I completed the "UTMB" with a backpack that I sewed myself. After completing the race, Mr. Kobayashi felt a sense of satisfaction with the rucksack he sewed himself.
To someday make "Answer4" a global outdoor brand.

Several years later, Kobayashi's dream finally became a reality.

At the award ceremony held the day after the UTMB, the name of "Answer4 Masatoshi Ohara" was called among the players belonging to the super famous outdoor brands that everyone knows.
It was the moment when a Japanese man who stepped on a sewing machine alone and started making his own backpack for trail running was able to compete with the world's super-capitalized sports brands with his accumulated efforts.

Answer4 products are made with all gears aimed at trail running races that run long distances of 100 miles (160km). However, that does not mean that it is only for 100 miles, but that we are making sincere products that can withstand use for 100 miles.

Mr. Kobayashi is well aware of the fun of a fun run in the nearby mountains with friends and the appeal of the small, short Locus Race.

In addition to functional products, of course, we also collaborate with famous artists and global characters such as Doraemon and Kitty. increase.

On the way home from running, I had a drink at a nearby craft beer stand. Even in such a situation, Answer4's gear will produce a wonderful performance.

Answer4 official website is here


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