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Nruc is an outdoor brand of "Made in Tochigi" based in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture.
The meaning is "null" as it is. However, it is a brand with the concept of "never null", which is a counter punch to the values of mountaineering in Japan included in this word.

“I want to reduce accidents in the mountains.” Actually, this is the thought behind Nruc.

When it comes to mountain climbing, generally aiming for the top of the mountain is a natural goal, and everyone aims for the top of the mountain.

However, the goal is to aim for the top of the mountain, and for that reason, it is impossible. I can see the top of the mountain there, so I can't turn back because I'm trapped in the feeling that I have to climb it. I don't want to see a sad accident caused by such a situation as much as possible.

The mountains, and the outdoors, are more free.

"Nuru" does not mean "non-serious", but it is a message that we should be able to interact with mountains with a more free sense of values. Don't make the summit a peak of excitement. It doesn't mean ``don't go to the top of the mountain'', it's just an expression that ``the mountain is fun even if you don't go to the top''. If possible, I don't want people to feel sorry for not being able to reach the top of the mountain or follow that route. The important thing is that there is a smile. This is also the power that "nullness" produces.

Even if you don't go to the top of the mountain, it's delicious to eat on the mountainside. It's fun to go for a long traverse while peak hunting, but it's also good to relax in a hammock reading on the nearby hill. Nruc shows us how to enjoy the mountains and its diversity.

Nruc's gear is somewhat nostalgic and reminds us of the original pleasure of enjoying gimmicks.

I was impressed when I put on a Gore-Tex mountain parka for the first time after paying for my part-time job (I thought it was too expensive to wear in the mountains), and I begged my parents to buy me a Gregory day and half jacket because it was for a school trip.・It reminds me of the exciting memories of those days.

On a different note, we first met Mr. Wood, Nruc's representative, a few years ago, when he was a volunteer building a kamakura in the mountains of Nikko. I think it was just around the time when Nruc was started.
We drank alcohol together and talked about various things while being attracted to his unique personality. From such a strange encounter, I feel that Mr. Wood is a wonderful brand that continues to embody his thoughts, watching his recent activities.

Ultra Light (UL) is becoming mainstream, and everything is becoming simpler. "Waste" to turn your back on there.

For hikers who enjoy "waste".
By pursuing Nruc's "simplicity", we plan to reconstruct the "waste" that tends to be eliminated.
One step ahead of waste. What's on the other side...
We aim to be a brand that offers peace of mind and smiles while facing the mountains with sincerity.

That is Nruc.

Click here for the official website and Instagram of the popular Wood who best embodies the world view of the brand.

Nruc Official Homepage

Wood's Instagram

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