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​from JAPAN


Some time ago, we met a young woman in Tochigi who struggled to pass on a dying skill.
Mr. Nakamura of Shino Kogei "Uzu".

Shino crafts handed down only by word of mouth in the Nasu region of Tochigi Prefecture.
Except for Mr. Nakamura, there are only three people who can knit. Two people are 87 years old and one is 91 years old. It was a technology that was already forgotten in the region.
Mr. Nakamura, who has no connections or ties to such a place, goes alone and works hard to pass on his technology.

The great thing about shinokogei is its lightness and durability.
The next maintenance is about 40 to 50 years later. It is said that products from 200 years ago can still be used normally. Moreover, 100% natural materials, truly sustainable poles.

Folk crafts are daily necessities, so they are durable, light, and easy to maintain. It's just a wonderful gear that has been around since ancient times. I think that the compatibility with the outdoors is the best.
Please pick it up and experience the wonderful craftsmanship that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times!

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