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​B + insole


​from JAPAN


It was five years ago that I, Yukari Hoshino, was destined to meet an insole with the same name.
(Actually, I got the same name. LOL)

From the knowledge and experience of working for many years at a major sports and outdoor store, and from a person who has practiced outdoor sports himself
The finished insole was made with love, "I want you to enjoy sports for a long time without injury."
I feel that it is an insole.

When a person stands, walks, or runs, the only part of the body that touches the ground is the "foot".
A slight misalignment of the "foot" can greatly distort the body through the knee joints, hip joints, pelvis, and spine.
It will be the cause.
Because it is the only place in contact with the ground, it corrects even the slightest misalignment and allows you to enjoy sports healthily.
Insoles are very important.

And the zero drop, which is also a feature of Hoshino insoles, goes well with ALTRA shoes.
We hope that the combination of Hoshino insoles and ALTRA will allow you to enjoy sports and the outdoors forever without injury.
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