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Pike Street Market


​from JAPAN


Pike Street Market is a fishing brand originating from Tochigi Prefecture, just like us.

Do you know a fish called pike? It is a fish that is not very familiar in Japan, but it is known as a very attractive target for fishing mainly in Europe and the United States due to its strong fighting and aggressive character. Pike Street Market, which bears such a name, is the pike fishing that the brand director Shota Jenkins himself has experienced in Europe, where he used to live, and the rich experience he has accumulated in his current home, Tochigi and Lake Chuzenji. It is a brand made with experience and sensibility.

Surprisingly, our encounter with the brand was on Youtube. Because the brand director, Shota Jenkins, has his own YouTube channel, and we've been watching his videos as a fan for a long time. Lure fishing and expedition fishing at Lake Chuzenji are very attractive with beautiful images and videos that make you feel as if you are traveling together.
Youtube channel here

And this time, we were able to connect with our customers and have the opportunity to handle Pike Street Market. thank you.

The appeal of Pike Street Market is not only the high functionality of fishing, but also the deep knowledge and love of fish, fields, regions, and history behind the design and production. As an example, we are also producing charity T-shirts that are donated to organizations responsible for field conservation activities. In addition, the unique manufacturing that is connected to the overseas outdoor scene is also attractive. There are also interesting challenges such as collaboration with the long-established British outdoor brand "CRAG HOPPERS".

We are aiming to be a local outdoor shop rooted in the region, and we are happy to handle such products that are connected to the region.
Pike Street Market, which advocates manufacturing that will make you regret parting.
Please try to find a long-time partner.



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